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Clean School Bus Program

Funding to replace existing school buses with zero-emission and low-emission models.

What does this funding get me?

This is a federal grant and rebate program intended for schools to replace their old school buses with new electric buses. 

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you are a: 

  • Public school district, with one or more local/state government entities providing school bus service to one or more public school systems or the purchase, lease, license, or contract for service of school buses
  • Public charter school district responsible for the above
  • Nonprofit school transportation association or eligible contractor

How can I access the money?

For Grants: The full list of application requirements can be found HERE. 

For Rebates: More information HERE

What is the timeline?

For Grants: The application cycle for the 2023 funding year has closed. If you applied for this year, the awards will be announced at the end of 2023 and distributed in early 2024. Check back here for the timeline for the 2024 funding cycle. 

If you plan to apply for funding in 2024, we recommend that you register for a account as soon as possible. Please see “Information on the Application Process” below for more information and resources. 

For Rebates: The 2023 application closed on 2/14/24. The EPA will review applications to notify selectees in February and April 2024. Selectees can start purchasing eligible vehicles and equipment once notified of their selection, and must submit payment request forms with purchase orders between April 2024 and October 2024. The project period deadline is April 2026. 2024 applications do not yet have a due date. Check back in later!

Where can I get more information?