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Funding through Department of Energy Loan Programs Office

Funding for:

To support the cost of loans for innovative clean energy technologies.

What does this funding get me?

LPO can provide federal financing for projects in the United States that support clean energy deployment and reinvestment of energy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution. $3.6 billion in credit subsidy will be available for projects for loan guarantees under section 1703 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Project categories include:

Am I eligible?

State and local governments can apply. 

Beneficiary eligibility includes small businesses, profit organizations, quasi-public nonprofit organizations, as well as interstate, intrastate, state, local, and public nonprofit organizations.

How can I access the money?

Eligible parties can find instructions here on how to apply through the DOE Loan Programs Office.  A pre-application must be submitted before application, review, and approval.

What is the timeline?

DOE will evaluate applications in two phases. Following a favorable determination based on this two-phase review, DOE will commence more extensive due diligence and the negotiation of transaction terms

What other incentives could I use to help me accomplish my goals?

None at this time, check back for more information

Where can I get more information?

  • More information can be found at the DOE website
  • An overview of all Title 17 funding is available. 
  • The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in partnership with the University of Maryland (UMD) Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health (CEEJH), and Environmental Finance Center (EFC), alongside multiple community-based partners will lead the Region 3 Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center for the Mid-Atlantic region. The NWF is also extending its Region 3 community presence through community hubs such as the Overbrook Education Center in Pennsylvania. To inquire about Technical Assistance regarding the EJ Communities Grantmaking Program, contact the NWF at (202) 792-5350 or 1-800-757-1405, or email For more information, visit NWF’s website here.  

For specific questions on this program or for more assistance, contact Matt Salton at