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Energy Improvement in Rural or Remote Areas

Funding for:

Grants for rural clean energy programs.

What does this funding get me?

This grant can provide funding for replicable energy projects that lower energy costs, improve energy access and resilience, and/or reduce environmental harm. It is meant to make clean energy systems more reliable, resilient, and affordable in rural or remote areas. 

Am I eligible?

If your community or organization is located in a rural/remote area, you are eligible to apply. 

How can I access the money?

You can access this program by applying for federal funding when the application is live. If you’re looking for technical assistance to apply,  NREL’s assistance program can help

What is the timeline?

The deadline for concept papers and full applications in 2023 has passed. Awards will be distributed in 2024, so check back for more information and new application cycles.

What other incentives could I use to help me accomplish my goals?

Energizing Rural Communities Prize: Prize competition for innovative partnership and finance plans to help rural or remote communities develop clean energy demonstration projects. Visit: herox. com/rural-energy 

Where can I get more information?

  • DOE web page on Energy Improvements in Rural or Remote Areas grant
  • More Information on Applying for Federal Funding Like This
  • For technical assistance on this grant opportunity, please refer to the NREL’s website HERE and email for technical assistance questions. 
  • The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in partnership with the University of Maryland (UMD) Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health (CEEJH), and Environmental Finance Center (EFC), alongside multiple community-based partners will lead the Region 3 Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center for the Mid-Atlantic region. The NWF is also extending its Region 3 community presence through community hubs such as the Overbrook Education Center in Pennsylvania. To inquire about Technical Assistance regarding the EJ Communities Grantmaking Program, contact the NWF at (202) 792-5350 or 1-800-757-1405, or email For more information, visit NWF’s website here.  
  • For specific questions on this program or for more assistance, contact Matt Salton at